Be A Top Earning Webcam Model

What is your webcam modeling game? Is your game working? Do you always have a game plan in mind when you work your chat room? You will find there are basically two types of customers who will enter your room.

There are people who are lonely, and there are those who are horny. If you notice any of the webcam models you see who are in a long private show, chances are those shows are usually talk shows, not "skin and sex" shows. The reason is, the customer is lonely and wants to talk. Lonely customer fantasies are different than the sex show customer fantasies. Lonely customers fantasize about knowing a girl or guy like you, about dating you, and having you as a "real life" friend. Of course, it's not going to happen, because it is only a fantasy, and, deep down they know it. But, lonely people do not want to end the show if they still have hope of bringing their fantasies to life. It's like a good dream you don't want to wake up from. Sex show customers on the other hand masturbate, and then leave. Of course, you can tease and play with them to prolong the pleasure and your income, but ultimately, you have very little or no control.

Appealing to the lonely customer is actually much easier, as you can talk about almost anything for a long time, and still keep it interesting. Always remember that your role as a webcam model is to be nice, act fun, and come off as if you are available. Always try to make each customer feel special. The game of acting free and available has to be very subtle and coy. If you come on too strong, they know you're pretending. Customers will refuse to believe you are available even if you are, but they will believe that you are going through a bad breakup. Everyone can relate to that because almost everyone goes through breakups or knows someone who has. We saw a cam model using this breakup routine in free chat the other day, when one of the customers asked why she broke up, and her reply was pure genius. She said, "I dumped him because he was too cheap!" Perfect! What a great subversive way to say, "If you want me, step up and spend some money on me".

Remember, you are providing a service of value to both lonely and horny men and women. You should be well compensated for the good feeling and good times you are providing to people who otherwise may have no other way to enjoy the experience you provide. Treat your webcam job like you would any other job, be confident, respect yourself, work hard, and success will follow!!!