Make Money With Your Webcam Job

Making More Money With Your Webcam Job

Most adult webcam sites use "free chat" to drive traffic and generate interest in their models. This is where customers get a chance to see the model and the models gets a chance to tease, flirt and turn them on to the point that they'll want to pay for a private chat. Private chat is where webcam models make their money. As a webcam model, you should try to maximize the number of members or visitors in your free chat room who are going nuts to see certain things like you naked, you doing specific acts, trying to get to know you, asking for your website and email address, typing in "CAPS" to get your attention, etc.. This whole concept is actually very simple, but it takes a lot of patience on the part of the cam model. This may sound strange, but the more you tease free chat visitors, and ignore their repeated requests and cat calls, the more they will want to see more, and hopefully pay for it. This means, do not be angry or upset when customers are asking to see you naked in the open room (you shouldn't do this even if you want to, because nudity is only permitted in private chat). Selling webcam shows is a numbers game, so the more customers you keep in free chat, the better your chances of getting paid shows.

How do you hold interest? It's not hard, if you are actively posing, showing off and talking with sexy, erotic overtones. Remember, adult webcam modeling is based on sex and erotic themes, and bringing the subject back to sex and erotic themes in subtle ways is very important in maintaining a high customer count. Talking about sports, movies, music, cars and so on is OK to provide some insight into your personality, but always try to come back to being and talking sexy. Yes, it can be hard to make the leap from talking about the big play which won the Super Bowl to how you can tease and seduce your chat room visitor into a private, paid chat, but always try to make that your end game.

It is very good when a lot of customers are in your free chat room chatting at a fast pace, and asking for everything possible. The more excited they are, the more paid webcam shows you will sell. The best way to control your room is to let guests make their comments, and the faster they make them, the better. That chaos just makes your room look very busy, and you will look popular and happening. Whether in free chat or premium chat, never attempt to control any customer's chat styles or whether or not they type in "CAPS" or lower case. You may have a new customer that has no chat experience who has purchased 10, 20 or 30 minutes of time for a private show, and upsetting that new customer by telling them to drop their "CAPS" could cost you a long show and a lot of minutes.

A good webcam model should pose and include some occasional flashes here and there. Ignore demanding and begging comments totally, or better yet, encourage them! Having hundreds of customers all worked up, begging and demanding is what you want. Customers like to see you are popular and understanding of their state of mind. They also like to think of themselves as your savior coming to your rescue, and taking you away from all the madness created by other visitors. You want to drive your customers crazy enough to forget their fears and sign up to purchase a private show. The more buzz you create in your room, the more customers you will attract. Always remember that you are a performer, an actress, not just a webcam model, and you should do everything possible to give an inspired performance full of flirting, teasing, laughing, quick flashing, and just overall driving them crazy with your charm and suggestiveness. Remember, guests are looking for an erotic experience, and it's up to you to fulfill their expectations with your acting skills.