High Paying Webcam Job Or Free Chat

Free chat lifers are customers who fall in love with a webcam model, and spend every moment in her/his free chat room, but they will not pay for a private show. So, how do you handle a free chat lifer? Always acknowledge them, but do not give too much attention. Give just enough attention to keep them interested and coming back for more. Most will eventually want to satisfy their craving for your undivided attention, and end up buying a private show.

Time works great for Free chat lifers, as they tend to be slow to decide on signing up on the site. One reason may be fears about credit card security on the web, another may be a limited budget, or they may just not believe webcam modeling is the real thing. Don't let this stop you from getting them to take you private.

Here are a few ways to get these customers to buy a private show:

  • Think, "flirt, and divert". First, flirt a little, and then start working the chat room. This is a real balancing act because if you don't give them something, they'll move on, yet the more attention you give them, the happier they are not buying a private show.
  • After giving them some special attention to bolster their egos, try this little trick. "(Customer Name), want to play a game with me?" (They will always say yes) "Okay (Customer Name), I'm going to put you on a "chat time out" until you sign up and take me private." Make sure they see you giggling or use a smiley face when using this technique. Humor and flirtiness are critical components to this technique.
  • Tell them how sweet they are, and you understand how difficult it is to sign up and buy a show. Ask them to help you out by getting others to take you private so that you can stay in the room. Even free chat lifers can't resist a beautiful webcam model in distress, so they'll jump at the chance until they realize there is nothing in it for them.
  • Work one Free chat lifer against another, jealousy works wonders.