Webcam Model Tips For Making A Sale

The majority of comments made by a webcam model in the open room should be directed towards the room as a group, while some should be focused on individual attention. One of the best ways to control customers is to not give anyone in free chat too much individual attention. Comments to the group as a whole should have a very subtle message, "If you want my individual attention, buy a private show to get it". Yes, you will have to chat a little to get everyone in the room going, but the less chat directed at any individual person, the better! Acknowledging every new guest when they first enter your chat room is also very important, and it will make them hang around for more. Remember, even if a new guest's first comment is something like, "Show me your tits", you can let him know you see him with a simple, tolerating reply like "Hey, are you gonna say hi to me first (insert theit chat nickname)?". Now they know you saw them, and you have a positive and open minded attitude by not being offended at their remark. After that, just continue talking to the group, and of course pay no more attention to that person unless he earns it.

Use as much humor as possible in your replies, and try to have a positive attitude with everyone. Talk to the group as a whole, and try to give any single guest more time than others. The main role that you play as a webcam model should be that first and foremost, you are there to have fun and meet people, not just to have a webcam job. You should project the impression that you are just naturally horny, and do webcam modeling mostly for fun. It is very important that your guests and customers believe this, as the more they do, the more money you will make. Below are suggestions for comments you should be making in free chat. These are just some good examples to get you started, but as you get more experience, you will come up with many more good ones that are your own. If you feel you have struck a nerve with a guest with one of your comments, continue with it, and let them join in on your fantasy until they can't resist any longer and want to take you to private chat.

Dialogue suggestions which have been great openers to turn free chat guests into paying customers:

  • I am soooo horny right now, I could cum in 2 minutes! All I need is someone to fuck me!
  • I have been dreaming about sex all night long, and I am soooo horny right now!
  • I'm going crazy, all I want to do is cum!
  • I haven't cum once today. Who wants to give me my first orgasm?
  • Who wants to fuck me?
  • It turns me on soooo much knowing all you guys are horny and want to fuck me!
  • My pussy is soooo hot and tight, it feels soooo good to fuck!
  • I just broke up with my boyfriend, and I need a rebound guy to really fuck me hard!
  • I haven't cum in like 5 days. I'm going crazy!!!
  • I'm such a slut, all I do is fuck fuck fuck!
  • I've been such a bad girl today, all I can think about is getting naked.

Obviously, these are just some examples, you should improvise, and use your imagination! As you get good, you will become quick and witty with a right comeback for almost any situation. Remember, you are the star of the show, and are giving a performance. Try to make it as exciting, playful and sexy as you can in your own way and on your terms! As long as you appear relaxed, easy going and open minded, you will never have a shortage of paying customers!