Words A Webcam Model Should Never Use

Bad words are words that turn customers off and drive them away. The way you talk or word your chat messages can make or break your effectiveness as a webcam model. Here are some words which you should avoid using while working.

Time. No need to say time. Chat monitors make everyone aware of it, so there is no need to bring it up. When you catch yourself about to type a bad word, stop, and type something else. Be creative, as there are more than one way to convey the same message.

Buy. No need to use the word, buy. The trick is to not bring up the thought of spending money. Instead, you should manipulate their need to feel good or get off, but not to open up their wallet.

Along with bad words often goes the pressure from you to make them buy. Imagine this scenario, a person goes into a strip club, and before he can look around and get a feel for the club, an anxious dancer comes up to him and grabs his hand and starts dragging him to the lap dance couches. What does he do? He says no! He wants to see the place, get comfortable, and check out all the dancers first, not go with the first girl who is being pushy. Having a webcam job is very similar, except instead of grabbing his hand, you would shout "BUY"!

Answering your customers with instant demands for them to buy a private show is usually the kiss of death to selling paid chats. No one likes a pushy webcam model, and very few customers spend money on pushy models. Just because you have demanders and beggars in your chat room doesn't mean you should answer with begging and demanding. If there was ever a case of two wrongs don't make a right, this is it! Be better than your customers in your attitude, and don't stoop to their levels or methods. They will respect you for it, and reward you wil buying your private shows.