Webcam Modeling For Paying Customers

How do you know if a customer has an account? Are most customers who purchase private shows talking in free chat, or are they lurking on the sidelines? How do you identify someone who will sign up and spend money with a webcam model? Are there countries that can't get accounts because of high credit card fraud? What age is the average customer? How do you know whom to target? With the system not having a way for models to see who's a paying member and who isn't, it's hard to know who to concentrate on, and who to ignore. We will attempt to shed some light on where the buyers are and how to bring them in to paid chat with you.

Our statistics show that only about 15% of the customers actually buy paid shows. This means two things, first and most obvious, 85% of customers do not buy. And second, it also means the majority of buyers don't ever talk in free chat! This is exactly why it's very important for webcam models to respond to all their customers. Not only do you need to impress the chatters, but also those who lurk in your free chat by staying quiet and not chatting. Part of succeeding in a webcam job is to be able to entertain lurkers, who statistically end up being the biggest spenders, and most frequent buyers of private shows!

Post a big sign near your monitor that says "I NEED TO IMPRESS THE NON CHATTERS". This will remind you that most buyers DO NOT chat in free chat, they simply sit back and watch how you act while they browse the rooms, until they find a model who they feel is someone from whom they want to buy a private show.

Let's look at the average buyer, or someone who already has an account. First of all, why is he or she using the Internet for sex and/or companionship? Well, they could have given up long ago trying to meet someone as gorgeous as you. Maybe, they were shunned in school, or in clubs and bars. Perhaps, they have prudish wives or girlfriends, and they long for hot sex and intimate conversation. They may like webcam models because they don't have to compete with others for their attention. When they find a cam model they like, they take her, no hassles, no questions, no worrying about how they may look to the model.

Normal preliminaries of courtship are done away with, and they can get right to whatever they want, whether it's sex or conversation or both. They go from one model's room to the next looking for just the right type of model, someone they are attracted to physically, but also with the right personality and demeanor. They watch and listen until they know this model is "the one"! At that moment, they are not going to compete in free chat for the model's attention, because they have already decided to buy a private show. They hate trying to keep getting the model's attention in free chat, playing the knight in shining armor, and rescuing the model from the all the other hounds. These are the questions playing in their minds as they take you private: Is she as sexy on the inside as she is on the outside? Is she tired of all the creeps and crazy customers? Is she single? Do I have any chance or hope of ever meeting her? Does she seem like the type of girl who will do or let me do what I want, and not just waste my money? I hate wasting my money, some of these webcam models think we're stupid and that we don't know they're milking us. If she does that, I'll leave the private show right away, and never come back or find someone else. Hmmm, she just treated that customer very rudely who asked to see her ass. We're going to find a cam model that is friendlier and more open minded.

And off they go, never saying a word in free chat, taking their money with them. What a shame! If only you didn't put on a mean look, and got upset with that guy who asked to see your ass, you might be in a paid private show right now instead of sucking wind. This scenario cannot be repeated too often if you want to succeed as a webcam model! You are first and foremost a performer, and you must try to give the best performance you can at all times. Stay focused, and try to put your ego and pride aside while you are working!

Now, let's talk about how to spot customers who are likely to purchase private shows.

  • Talk to someone who isn't chatting and say something like this: "Hey all you Non Chatters, don't hide. Come talk to me. Don't be shy."
  • A guy's talking to you and being kind and gentlemanly, ask him this; "You're a sweet gentleman, have you ever enjoyed a private show from this site before?" The wording here is important. You are not asking him to buy from you, you are merely asking if he enjoyed a private before. Guys tend to answer this question honestly because it's not a direct request for them to buy. His answer is very telling. A "no" answer means he is probably not a buyer, and you can work him from that angle. A "yes" answer means he is a buyer, and he is a good prospect to work on./li>
  • What country are you from? If you have time, learn which countries aren't allowed to open accounts. There aren't many of them and most of them tend to be in the Middle East, or Eastern Europe. You might save yourself a lot of time by knowing this ahead of time.

Age is another factor to consider. Most customers who spend money, especially on long shows, tend to be over 30. Identify the guys over 30, and work them. Your chances are much better than working on 18 or 20 year olds.