Tips For Male Webcam Models

Many models, both male and female, start to see their webcam job as merely a way to make money and forget to have fun! People who come to watch a webcam model will be turned off straight away when they see they are there just for the money. It is very important to let them see it is fun for you, that you are there for the same reason he/she is: you are horny, you like to chat, etc, not for the money. For example, when asked "what's up"? it helps to say things like, "I woke up so horny so I came online to see what's going on and hopefully get some fun". And it's very important to show them you love to be watched on cam, people love exhibitionists!

Talk To Everyone

While in the free chat, lots of people will come and go. Remember there are 100's webcam models online, it is in the free chat that you differentiate yourself and stand out! Talk to everyone as if he is someone who will take you private for 30 minutes or more. However it is also important to filter the viewers and in case the room gets full, you concentrate on the ones more likely to take a webcam model to the private chat. Viewers who start by asking you to show nudity will most likely NOT take you private. I know it is very annoying but never be rude to them. They will give up sooner than you think. Remember there many other models, they will move on to the next one and leave you alone. And although tempting, if someone offers you to send you GOLD if you show this or that, don't do it because in most cases he will not take you private. I noticed that most people who do that are very curious to see what's hidden under the volume in my underwear and will eventually give in and go private, even if for a couple minutes.

Stay Focused

Also in free chat, make sure that's the only thing you are doing at the moment. People simply hate a distant and uninterested webcam model. If you need to do something, log out and come back when you are done. But NEVER turn off your cam without saying anything when there are people watching. They very much dislike rudeness. Say you need to go for a bit and that you will be right back. Also first impressions are HUGE in webcam modeling! Do NOT chew gum, eat too much, make phone calls, etc. while you are live on cam. Do NOT have loud music! If you are watching porn to keep your erection, make sure the sound is off or at least very low.

Have a Variety of Hot Clothing Within Reach

Make sure to have different outfits/underwear close to you at all times. People have different taste! Try to make a nice assortment of underwear, swimwear, fetish clothing, etc.. It will pay off when someone asks you, for example if you have a speedo and you say "yes its right here", they will see this as you and him sharing the same fetish/fantasy and will be much more willing to take you private.

Be Honest

If you do not like or feel uncomfortable doing something, say it. People will appreciate a honest model. Whenever possible, let people know what to expect from your show. If they want you to ejaculate but you are not willing to do so for whatever reason, let them know. But always be polite. Show you are sorry for not being able to do that but you will try to make it up to him/her. He/she will come back when you are ready to ejaculate and will probably come back more times as he will see you as a trustful webcam model.

Video and Sound Quality Make it More Personal

With regards to the quality of your live shows, having an HD cam is extremely important. When browsing models, viewers will choose the ones who have this option. Make sure your microphone is working properly. Talk clear and try to talk directky to the person who is watching, especially in private. They love to hear you say their names when you two are having fun. It makes them feel it is real.

When Asked to do Something, Do it Immediately

In the paid chat, when asked to do something, do it immediately. People want to see their money is not being wasted by you trying to gain time by taked 5 min to undress! "Slow" models are the number one complain in reviews! Make sure it doesn't take you more than a couple minutes to have a full erection. Look into the camera, talk to them, make them open up. Some people are shy, try to make them say what they like. The more he/she talks, the easier it is for you to run the show because you will know whether what you are doing is good or bad and to which direction to take the show. Some people like it aggressive, some like it soft, some are active, some passive...and only by letting them speak you will know.

Share the Experience with your Chatters

Always ask if they have a cam too. This shows you are more interested in having fun with him rather than just taking his money. Say you would love to see him jacking off while he watches you, that it is a big turn on for you. It works!

Be Open to Chatter's Fantasies

If the person has fantasies, just go with it. Say it is also a big turn on for you or at least show it is ok with you. The point is to make them feel comfortable, never pass judjements. People with fantasies are the ones who come back over and over because they feel understood if you give them a good time.

Make Viewers Feel Specal

Make the viewer feel special. When he/she comes back, greet him/her with a smile. Say how happy you are he is back. Show that you remembered him. Be specific, give details of your last session. They will love it.